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Anyone interested in buying the best acoustic guitar should first know the best high-end acoustic guitars in the world. But before that, let’s go over a bit of general guitar culture.

Greco-Roman, Egyptian or Arabic, it is not known precisely what the origin of the guitar is, the truth is that today it is one of the most widespread musical instruments throughout the world, essential for the execution of almost any style musical. The versatility of its sound and performance make this instrument a real gem.

Since its very remote and unspecific origin, the guitar has been modified a lot. One of the most significant changes made to it was the addition of a sixth string in the middle of the 18th century. Did you think it had always had six? Strings?

And later in the years, different types of guitars have emerged, such as classicalacoustic, and electric. The latter is an electrophone instrument with metal strings and electromagnetic transducers, making it a different type of guitar. In contrast, the classical or Spanish guitar differs from the acoustic in the material of its strings.

The strings of classical guitars are made of Nylon, unlike those of the acoustic guitar, whose lines are made of steel, which provides a difference in the sound produced. Also, the acoustic ones are usually larger and have a greater variety of designs. Likewise, acoustic guitars’ types and models maintain other peculiarities and details that will be revealed as we mention this top list of acoustic guitars.

Acoustic guitars can reproduce almost any music style, and its heavy use has made it one of the most commercialized musical instruments. Hence, the variety of designs that we can find is immense.

The parts of the acoustic guitar respond to the classical structure: pegbox, which is the upper part of the instrument, where the six pegs are located that allows the device to be tuned; the neck is the elongated part, and the body is the curvilinear structure or resonance box, between these two they give it the characteristic shape of a guitar; in the body is the mouth that is the central hole and the bridge that is located in the lower part of the mouth and is where the strings are fixed, finally, there are the frets that are the small metal bars located in the neck below the ropes.

These guitars can come equipped with six strings or extend to 12 strings. The material of its strings, a characteristic that most distinguishes it, allows it to emit a very harmonious metallic sound, which could be characterized as the right combination between the sound of the classical guitar and that of the electric guitar.

This particular way of classifying the acoustic guitar as the midpoint of sound between the classical and the electric guitar, is because its elaboration is made almost entirely of wood, which can vary from guitar to guitar or one can only come equipped with pieces made of different types of wood, among the most used types are spruce, ebony, mahogany, and rosewood.

In addition to this, there are acoustic guitars that have an amplification system, so that their sound can be expanded and get closer to the style of an electric guitar. These specific types of guitars are called electroacoustic. They are elaborated precisely to respond to an acoustic guitar’s structure and sound, only, this integrated system adds power in the sound.

So, no matter what your style is if you are an expert musician, novice, or honestly, you do not know anything about guitars and want to dabble in; here are the best acoustic guitars.

Ibanez V50NJP-NT – Acoustic Guitar

This model is of a classic style of guitar. It is composed of 6 strings and accessories that facilitate both its transport and its use.

The Ibanez V50NJO-NT is one of the most characteristic models of the Ibanez brand, which also is one of the most marketed brands worldwide, its origin is Chinese, but it has been on the market since the last century and has a significant amount of years dedicated to the production of musical instruments.

This guitar’s dimensions are in the average of the expected, with 38 cm wide, 7.6 deep, and 90 cm high; the weight is also in line with these instruments’ standard, with only 4.5 kg.

Its appearance, as already mentioned, is classic. It maintains the natural color that Sapele wood gives and the bronze and mahogany tones that its other details give it.


Technical details:

  • Number of strings: 6
  • Battery type: Alkaline
  • Chain Gauge: Medium
  • Batteries: 2 AA
  • Main Material: Spruce
  • Weight 4.05 kg
  • Size 38 X 7.6 X 90 cm
  • Natural color
  • Back material agathis
  • Fret Material Rosewood


  • Average weight and dimensions
  • Accompanied by cover and accessories
  • Medium chain gauge
  • Easy to use and transport


  • Classic design

Gibson Acoustic Hummingbird Vintage – Acoustic Guitar

Music, style, and avant-garde, all in a single acoustic guitar. It is an instrument to produce music and steal the eye with a vintage flair and characteristic sound of a 55-year-old Gibson.

Yes, 55 years old, this model is made of heat-aged spruce wood, giving it a very particular sound that will produce better harmonies with style and originality.

American crafting inspired by the sixties, where the back, sides, and neck are made in mahogany, an elaborate print on the body with a finish inspired by CherryBurst.

This Gibson Acoustic Hummingbird has six strings, dimensions of 111.8 X 45.7 X 20.3 cm, and a weight of 8.23 ​​kg.

Technical details:

  • Fret Material Rosewood
  • Product weight 8.23 ​​kg
  • Product Dimensions 111.8 X 45.7 X 20.3 cm
  • Product model number SSHBVNG1
  • Body Material Mahogany Wood
  • Six strings
  • Heritage Sunburst Color


  • Innovative design
  • 55 Year Old Gibson Sound
  • Thermal aging
  • Mahogany wood


  • Vintage style
  • Weight above average Gibson Acoustic Hummingbird True Vintage

Epiphone DR-100 – Acoustic Guitar 

A lightweight, versatile guitar with an elegant style. One of the best acoustic guitars. Its kind exerts a predominance of dark colors, but with a gradient in the central part of the body that gives it a very sophisticated appearance, without forgetting the white and silver details that stand out throughout the entire structure.

The pegs that tune the strings, the lines, and the design around the guitar’s soundhole and the subtle details of the bridge are the details that do not go unnoticed.

But more than style, this excellent specimen is composed of six strings, it maintains a weight of less than 4 kg, but its dimensions do not decrease due to its lightweight, since it measures 106.7 X 47 X 14 X cm.

Technical details:

  • Fingerboard crafted in rosewood
  • Spruce wood top
  • Vintage color
  • Six strings
  • Exact Weight 3.63kg
  • Rosewood fret material
  • 14-degree head 


  • Ideal for young musicians
  • Original and stylish
  • 14 degree head for better capo precision
  • Light


  • Can’t connect an amplifier
Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic - Vintage Sunburst - Long & McQuade Musical  Instruments

Epiphone AJ-100CE – Acoustic Guitar

Although one of the attractions of the Epiphone DR 100 guitar was its striking style and appearance, this time, this same brand shows us how versatile it can be and how much it can please the public, then, with this model: Epiphone AJ – 100CE, the style is much more conservative, and the color is natural.

For those who are new to this world or those who hope to maintain a more traditional style, this is an excellent option. The tone of its finish and the details made in dark colors give the instrument a very discreet touch.

But this model only keeps the style as discreet, since the materials with which it is designed to respond to those most used in the elaboration of guitars, its body, and front made of spruce wood and the fingerboard made of rosewood.

As we already mentioned, its color is natural, it has six strings, and its dimensions are 109 cm high, 47.6 cm wide, and 14.6 cm deep; lastly, his weight is, on average, with 5.28 kg.

Technical details:

  • Fret Material Rosewood
  • Spruce main material
  • Number of strings six
  • Natural color
  • Weight 5.28 kg
  • Dimensions 109 X 47.6 X 14.6 cm


  • Ideal for young musicians
  • Natural color
  • Resistant materials
  • Excellent finish


  • Sound
Epiphone AJ100CE Cutaway Natural

000 15 SM – Acoustic Guitar

We cannot emphasize guitars with exquisite and striking designs; therefore, we also assign models for musicians with more conservative and discreet tastes within the best acoustic guitars.

Following this, we now show the 00015 SM that maintains a very conservative style. As already mentioned, its structure’s tone is ultimately mahogany, natural color that the wood with which it is made gives it.

This guitar’s dimensions respond to the average measurements of this instrument, with precisely 120 cm in height, 52 cm in width, and 23.5 in-depth, likewise, its weight if it responds to one higher than the average, with 10 kg.

This model is a true classic. Its color and style largely correspond to a classical or Spanish guitar.

Technical details:

  • Six strings
  • Dimensions 120 cm high, 52 cm wide, and 23.5 deep
  • Natural color
  • Weight 10kg


  • Classic models
  • Good sound
  • Natural mahogany color


  • Weight of 10 kg
  • Discontinued model
Martin 000-15SM Acoustic Guitar Review

Takamine Pro Series tsf48 C Santa Fe NEX – Acoustic Guitar

At the beginning of this article, we commented that acoustic guitars are the ones that keep a greater variety of designs, and it is something that we have noticed throughout the models that have been presented as the best acoustic guitars.

With a much more modern style, we present a Takamine brand model from the tsf48 C series is the Santa Fe NEX that maintains a relatively simple manner. Still, its body’s NEX cutaway shape is enough to transform it into a modern and stylish model.

Its weight is approximately 8 ½ kg, and its dimensions correspond to 121.9 cm in height; 50.8 wide and 20.9 deep; these measurements undoubtedly make this guitar a potent instrument.

But its power is not restricted only to its dimensions. The materials with which it is made are diverse and of excellent quality; its top is spruce wood, and its back and sides are made of rosewood. In contrast, its bridge is made of rosewood with splitbonesilin.

Its accessories cover its care and transport, EQ pre-amplification system, an auxiliary input, and an integrated chromatic tuner.

Technical details:

  • Natural color
  • Pre-amplification system
  • Spruce top
  • Rosewood back and sides
  • Auxiliary input
  • Weight 8.6 kg
  • Dimensions 121.9 X 20.9 X 20.9 cm
  • Chromatic tuner


  • Pre-amp system included
  • Variety of materials
  • Natural color
  • Resistance
  • Good sound


  • Large dimensions, which makes it not recommended for teenagers
Takamine Guitars :: product-details

Takamine Pro Series ef360gf Glenn Frey Dreadnought – Acoustic Guitar

We continue with a model of the Takamine brand. This is a Japanese brand specializing in making a guitar for more than half a century; therefore, in this list of the best acoustic guitars, we include some of their models, as they are in constant evolution and redesign.

This time we show you Glenn Frey Dreadnought, it is a model that dates back to 2009. The Takamine “Gleen Frey” series was launched. This particular model, although with a classic and simple appearance, is an electroacoustic guitar.

Its style has a ct4b pre-amplification system, from which the volume and tone can be controlled to maintain the purity of the sound. Also, it is an easy-to-use system that has three bands of a graphic equalizer and a tuner. Chromatic.

Although it is an electroacoustic guitar, this particularity makes it more tedious to handle or more complicated to play. Its weight and dimensions are not exaggerated or increased by its system since it has 9 kg and 121 cm of height; 50.8 wide and 20.9 deep.

Although this model’s design is not too striking, on the contrary, it maintains neutral colors and a classic structure, the variety of materials with which it is made provide many details and a variety of colors.

Its materials have a solid spruce top, its sidewalls, and the back cover is made of rosewood. It also has rosewood inlays on the bridge and fingerboard.

Technical details:

  • Electroacoustic guitar
  • CT4B preamp system
  • Volume and tone control
  • Main materials spruce and rosewood
  • Multicolored
  • The exact weight of 9.07 kg
  • Dimensions 121 X 50 X 20 cm


  • Pre-amplification system
  • Multicolored
  • Excellent sound
  • Original details
  • Strong and durable materials


  • Recommended for advanced musicians
  • Knowledge in tone balance
The Takamine Glenn Frey Signature Series Guitar - InfoBarrel

Martin gpcrsgt – Acoustic Guitar

A reasonably classic style and a natural color are the main characteristics of this guitar model.

Maintains a color play between the darker mahogany product brown on the instrument’s back and sides, while the front top displays a lighter, more conservative color.

But even with such simplicity, Martin gprsgt maintains details that give it a distinctive and particular touch to satisfy any musician’s wishes. Details such as the black mark protrude from the soundhole, the metallic inlays on the bridge that hold the strings, and the chrome tuning pegs for the instrument.

Finally, its weight and dimensions are as follows: it has a 9.75 kg and 121.3 X 51.4 X 24.1 cm.

Technical details:

  • Number of strings six
  • Natural color
  • Weight 9.75 kg
  • Dimensions 121.3 X 51.4 X 24.1 cm
  • Resistant material


  • Simple style
  • Easy drive
  • Striking details
  • Good sound
  • Natural color


  • Of great weight and dimensions for novice musicians or for teenagers
Martin GPCRSGT review | | All Things Guitar

DREADNOUGHT 16 RGT – Acoustic Guitar

For this reason, the classics always remain, and we have put some examples in this list that should not be left out given their singularities. Such is the case of this Dreadnought 16 RGT, which is classic and maintains a natural tone, a color provided by the different materials with which it is made.

The most prevalent materials are spruce wood on its back and sidewalls, in addition to rosewood in the neck, these materials provide a better acoustic sound and excellent tonality when played in a studio.

With a weight of 10 kg and dimensions of 120 cm X 52 cm and 23 cm, this instrument, despite its importance, many users rate it as an ideal model for beginners due to its easy handling and excellent sound.

Classic appearance, natural colors, eye-catching details, and applications, as well as excellent sound and easy handling, make this model a highly recommended product.

Technical details:

  • Number of strings 6
  • 10 kg of total weight
  • Natural color
  • Rosewood and Spruce Main Materials
  • Solid Spanish Cedar Dresser


  • Recommended for young musicians
  • Good sound and resonance
  • Classic appearance
  • Natural colors


  • It could be cumbersome
2017 Martin D-16RGT 16 Series Dreadnought Natural > Guitars Acoustic |  Miami-Guitars
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