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Everything about the guitar world is fascinating. The types of guitar give a broader view of everything that this instrument implies, but as one of the main differences is the type of strings used in each model, there are some suggestions inside guitar strings.

Gibson Masterbuilt Premium Guitar Strings

Everything about the guitar includes an element that will undoubtedly be necessary at some point: the strings. As we have seen, these vary significantly in gauge and material, as these details can produce a specific sound characteristic.

In this case, just as the Gibson brand is one of the best in the guitar market, it is also offering spare strings for its products and allowing the quality of its columns to be used in other instruments. For this reason, a model of strings for acoustic guitars made of phosphor bronze is presented here.

There are six strings with a medium gauge ranging from .012 on the first string to .053, so this particular string model requires greater force for fingerboard fingering, but this is rewarded with strong and durable lines. Long-lasting.

Between the gauge and the phosphor-coated that their materials present, they make them quite durable; remember that phosphorus is a barrier that prevents metal corrosiondamage from tearing, and deterioration caused by sweat and the environment in which the instrument is located.

Finally, with these strings, a deep, healthy, and clear sound can be produced given the materials and caliber. Likewise, the weight of the packaging is 18 gr, while the dimensions are 2.5X2.5X2.5 cm.

Technical details

  • Number of strings six
  • Phosphor coated steel material
  • Medium gauge from .012 to .053
  • Weight and packaging dimensions of 18 gr and 2.5X2.5X2.5 CM


  • Useful in acoustic guitars of all brands
  • They keep the tuning
  • Excelent sound
  • Coated steel


  • High caliber for beginners

Elixir 16027 – Guitar Strings

Some strings that have a guarantee of 12 months of useful life are the Elixir. This set of strings is made up of six beige lines that will give style, quality, and good sound to the guitar to which they are adapted.

Within everything about the guitar, a brand highly recognized for the various proposal it offers to the guitar string market; in this case, it is phosphor-coated bronze strings that provide durability and better handling when playing the instrument…

Its coating makes the touch of the strings more comfortable and smooth, while it removes all impurities from the core of the series, such as sweat, moisture, or bacteria that could reduce the useful life of the strings.

This model’s caliber is from .011 to .052, which is called the custom light caliber, a level that is slightly lighter than heavy but still provides a quality, precise, and harmonic sound. Finally, the package’s weight is greater a larger flake, with 45 gr, and dimensions of 10X11X1.5 cm.

Technical details

  • Bronze core materials
  • Phosphor coated
  • Number of strings six
  • Beige
  • Caliber Custon Light


  • Easy to use gauge
  • Style beige
  • Coated that protects against corrosion
  • Good sound


  • Lower sound power caliber

D’Addario EXP26 Guitar Strings

A brand with wide recognition in elaborating excellent guitar strings that adapt to all guitars, where they also propose a lot and a diversity of different lines and materials that can well be adapted to each musician’s tastes and preferences performer; these are the D’Addario.

They are bronze strings coated in the phosphor to provide more excellent protection to the core of the series, they also have a wound plate that allows you to manipulate the lines and achieve chords, notes, and melodies with greater ease and with a pleasant and comfortable touch.

In addition to these details of materials and advantages, these strings maintain a hexagonal-shaped core, which results in the jacket and winding to fit each end of the body better.

These strings are made in the USA. They are specially designed for acoustic guitars. A total of six lines come in the package presented, with a common characteristic in almost all D’Addario models is an orange color that highlights the instrument.

Finally, in this section on everything about the guitar, we point out that the caliber of this model is from .011 to .052 caliber that we had previously mentioned as custom Light; this makes the total weight of the packaging is 200gr and its dimensions 10 cm X 1 cm X 10 cm.

Technical details

  • Orange
  • Bronze Materials
  • Phosphor coated
  • Hexagon shaped bronze core
  • Custom light gauge


  • Good gauge
  • Excelent sound
  • Hexagonal core that allows a better grip of the cover
  • Coated in phosphorus that prevents corrosion
  • Suitable gauge for experts and beginners


  • With constant use they can lose color

Gear SEG-VR10 Guitar Strings

An alternative to Gibson strings is that they maintain the old style of making pure nickel strings, carefully wrapped in a high-quality Swedish steel core to provide strength and durability to the product.

These strings give the instrument a warm and natural sound that will make it stand out from any other with this materials device. Six lines are available in this package, each intended for a particular position within the guitar’s body.

This nickel material is highly resistant and maintains its useful life even in conditions of humidity or constant use, but to guarantee that the strings arrive most naturally and preserving their components and principles, this packaging is vacuum-sealed.

This Gibson string model is noted as one of the best, and in this particular case, the caliber of this set is light, which makes it a useful location for beginners in the world of music. The weight of the package is 18.1 gr.

Technical details

  • Pure Nickel material
  • Light gauge
  • Vacuum packing
  • Number of strings six
  • Package weight of 18 gr


  • Great for beginners
  • Vacuum packed
  • Clear, natural nickel sound
  • Adaptable to any guitar


  • May present problems with corrosion at the time of use

D’Addario EXL120-3D Guitar Strings

The coating that the guitar strings come with is designed to provide more excellent durability by protecting the lines’ original steel from corrosion and other impurities that can affect the material. It is also coated, provides a more pleasant touch.

A different alternative to the previous set of D’Addario strings is this EXL120 that comes with a high carbon steel core in a hexagonal shape, coated with nickel hexagonal shape of the body provides more excellent grip to the coverage.

This string model allows achieving a quality sound, characterized by precision and naturalness. This model has a light caliber that ranges from .009 on the first string, with .011, .016, .024, .032, up to .042.

This packaging has an exact weight of 45.4 grams. Likewise, both the packaging and the ropes are designed in a way to respect the environment. Finally, you can enjoy these silver designed strings from the USA.

Technical details

  • For electric guitars
  • Silver color
  • Nickel-plated steel material
  • Hexagonal shaped core
  • Number of strings six
  • Gauge .009 to .042


  • Quality material
  • The hexagonal core that allows better grip
  • Nickel coated
  • Natural and clear sound


  • Low caliber

Elixir 12002 Guitar Strings

A new option for electric guitars is this Elixir model, which maintains a steel core coated with the high-tech nanoweb ultra-thin wound coating. This new coverage option does not allow corrosion to protect the body from impurities, which could decrease their useful life.

Regarding the appearance, they are only available in beige, while the total weight of the packaging is not more than 18 grams and dimensions of 10X11.9 × 1.5 cm. The quality of these strings is such that their estimated duration is at least 12 months, so depending on the time of use, they could last much longer, always maintaining a new appearance.

Finally, with this type of strings, you can enjoy a highly bright and natural sound, as well as maintaining the tuning for a long time without loosening or dislodging.

Technical details

  • Beige
  • Caliber from .009 to 0.42
  • For electric guitars
  • Ultra-thin nanoweb coating
  • Wound feel
  • Package weight of 18 gr


  • Coated that protects it from corrosion and other impurities that cause wear
  • High quality
  • Beige
  • Excellent bright and clear sound


  • Wound feel

When choosing the guitar strings, a point to take into account are the materials, both the composition of the core and the wound or the coverage that the specific series has. Each material can have a longer durability time or allow a sound particular to the guitar; for this, the following section is presented.

All About The Structure And Material Of Guitar Strings

Guitar strings today have various presentation materials, with different types of steel or with synthetic materials; However, before adopting these materials that required specific technology, the ropes were made from animals’ guts.

Yes, and the sound that this material produced was quite warm. Although today it is not the most predominant material in the string instrument industry, it remains a low production due to the preference of some musicians for the sound that this produces.

But what predominates today are strings with a core, wound, and some others with a protective covering. For classical guitars, nylon strings predominate. At the same time, acoustic strings have a greater variety of presentations.

The acoustic core usually is metal, including the bronze, the stainless steel, and electric guitars, the used nickel. In the case of bronze, its sound is generally more precise and more profound, with stainless steel, a more metallic sound is obtained, the touch is perceived drier, and it tends to wear down the instrument’s frets. Still, its resistance to corrosion is more significant than any other metal.

all about guitar strings

In the nickel case, the sound is lovely and highly preferred for blues and jazz styles, they have good corrosion resistance, but strings made of this material are usually the most expensive.

As the objective is to know everything about the guitar, even if it is not visible, the strings come with a wound or a covering around the entire core; this covering gives more durability and quality to the sound emitted a texture to the rope.

In this last point, the winding can be of three types, around winding that can be perceived by touch, a flat winding whose relief is less, and a semi-flat winding where the coating is invisible.

This winding can be made of various materials, such as nickel, phosphorus, silver, and even gold. Of course, those wounds with gold or silver are rare but very good for their power against corrosion and their hypoallergenic components. Simultaneously, the most used materials are nickel and phosphorus, which provide protection and a more pleasant texture to the touch.

It should be noted that the first two strings of the guitar are usually not covered, since these are the thinnest and are the ones that produce the sharpest sounds of the instrument; therefore, the presentation of the first and second strings is always kept in the steel itself.

All About The Best Guitar Brands

Within the suggestions proposed above, you will indeed find some of the brands presented here. And these are brands that have dominated the guitar market and whose quality is backed by years and by great musicians who have used products from these industries.

all about guitar brands
  • Gibson: a brand dedicated to making guitars since the seventies. Its location is in the United States and within its products are both acoustic and electric guitars that respond to classic and innovative designs to which they are increasingly integrated. New technological elements.
  • Yamaha: this is a Japanese company that makes a great variety of musical instruments. Its history in music begins in the 80s, but today its worldwide recognition is primarily due to its guitars’ quality. Its growth has been such that it maintains branches in the United Kingdom and Germany despite being a Japanese company.
  • Ibanez: this brand keeps its history in the luthier Salvador Ibañez, of Spanish origin but whose guitars were distributed in Japan and after the recession experienced in that country in the 1930s, whoever imported the guitars decided to start manufacturing them on their own and created the Ibanez Salvador brand and subsequently leaves the name in Ibanez.
  • Fender: Originally, this business started as a place where technical services were provided in electronics. Over the years, it joined another specialized shop and began building their musical instruments in the mid-1940s. Becoming today It is a benchmark for electric guitars and basses worldwide, always showing itself as a brand of innovation, since it was the first to develop a solid body electric guitar, until then, the electrics available were hollow.
  • Jackson: since the 70s, this brand specializes in making guitars. Its factory is located in San Dimas, California. His style has always stood out for having an exquisite, slim, and striking finish. A few years ago, the Charvel brand’s license was sold to Fender, so the brand has adopted the Chavel style and the use of parts of that brand.

All About Guitar Accessories

If you hope to start or already have time in the world of music and want to see if your musical equipment has all the parts or accessories that make the musician experience complete and pleasant, check this list of accessories for guitars and verify that you have everything.

all about guitar accessories
  • Strap: this element is essential for a musician. It supports the instrument to a certain extent, distributes its weight on the back, and keeps it close to the body, especially when it comes to cumbersome guitars, such as those made in mahogany, this implement becomes crucial.
  • Strings: the strings are another implement that cannot be missing, mainly because without them, it is impossible to play, but you should not just buy a set of strings, but it is necessary that you know well which is the one that fits the instrument, which material is better and the gauge you want for the type of sound you hope to get.
  • Electronic tuner: among the options to tune an instrument, there are the old school methods where you only need to listen to the sound produced by the open string and adjust, but for this, you also need to have an excellent ear. Therefore it is recommended an electronic tuner that allows you to get the exact tuning.
  • Picks: Picks are essential, especially when it comes to acoustic or electric guitars since they make the sound of each note that makes up a chord clean, in addition to keeping the musician’s fingers and nails careful.
  • Travel bag: an accessory that allows keeping the instrument in care when going from one place to another, for beginners when they have to move home from their classes and for professionals when they go from one concert to another. The guitar cases are made of padded fabric, and the sturdier guitar cases are made of acrylic and plastic.
  • Lectern: an element that no musician should not miss, regardless of the instrument he plays, well, he can have it in view and access to the scores that define which notes he should play and at what time.

All About Left-Handed Guitars

Left-handed people who want to learn to play guitar, it is a real issue due to the limited availability of guitars explicitly made for left-handed people; remember that guitars have a specific order of strings, that the treble or more delegated go below until reaching The last string or the upper string that is the low string, therefore, a left-handed person cannot just change the position of the guitar, as this would completely reverse the part of the strings.

For this reason, within the options available to left-handed people is to learn to play with a standard guitar, without inverting it or making any other adjustment, only adjusting to each hand’s demands when playing the instrument.

Gustavo Cerati is one of the most famous who, being left-handed, had to learn to play with a regular guitar. Another option is with a unique left-handed guitar, where the neck is installed on the right side, and the strings maintain their original order, this type of guitar is also known as symmetrical. Still, if a musician wanted to play this type of guitar with cutaway, you would have to make a unique construction for lefties.

The last option, although somewhat more elaborate, is to play a standard guitar, with the neck towards the right side, regardless of whether the strings are reversed; although it would be comfortable handling, the musician would have to learn specific movements in the position of your fingers to achieve the fingering that is due and perfect the technique with the picks for cleaning the sound.

At this point, it isn’t easy to define, which is the best or most recommended option. However, each person should try the methods and decide which one best suits them because countless left-handed people have learned to play each of the forms or options presented.

Fun Facts About The Guitar

Within the journey that has been made to know everything about the guitar, there can be no lack of anecdotes or facts that have marked the destiny, use, and fame of such an essential and used instrument; therefore, to conclude, we mention some of the most curious facts that they hide inside the world of the guitar.

  • Although the classical guitar is known for the material of its strings (nylon), it did not appear until the 1940s to replace the guts of animals.
  • Previously, frets were also made with guts and tied to the fingerboard.
  • Antonio Torres Jurado, who died at the end of the 19th century, is the one who developed the modern guitar, this model that is commonly known.
  • In English, the guitar is written guitar, in German, guitar and in French it is guitar, these names were adopted from Spanish
  • The electric guitars appear for the first time in 1930
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