Benefits Of Knowing How To Play Guitar

Did you know that for many the guitar is the musical instrument considered the best accompaniment for musicians?

This is not only due to the ease we have when transporting it, but it is an instrument with which you can vent any emotion. In the vast majority of bands, regardless of genre, there is always a guitar. This instrument allows you to easily transmit any feeling, which helps you to carry certain moments of life with greater ease.

The stress is one of the evils that a person can suffer emotionally and if you stay for a long time starts to affect our body. Playing an instrument relaxes us and makes us feel better; but not touching them in any way but knowing how to handle them.

Knowing how to play the guitar is not easy for everyone, for some it is easy as others need more dedication; But what I can tell you for sure is that absolutely everyone feels more comforted after learning to play the guitar.

Do you want to relax? Increase your confidence in yourself? Flirt more? Or maybe you want to enjoy one of the most popular hobbies. In any case, you are in the right place.

Next, we will tell you a little about the main benefits of playing the guitar, both from a mental and emotional point of view and from a material and corporal point of view; So, stay with us if you want to convince yourself why the guitar is the best instrument to start learning about music and to change your life a little for the better.

Emotional benefits of knowing how to play the guitar

Reduce stress levels

Knowing how to play the guitar requires attention and concentration, sometimes this helps to clear your mind and focus more on the instrument and what you are playing, helping to forget a bit about problems, complications or other issues that generate stress.

Another way to release stress is by focusing on the type of music you play and expressing yourself through it, that is, if you feel angry play something healthy, if you feel sad game something soft, so that you can drain your emotions until make you feel better. This requires knowing how to play the guitar, which requires practice and perseverance.


One of the best feelings that a person can perceive is that of feeling fulfilled when learning something, especially if it likes it, and it is fun.

Learning a new skill or technique such as knowing how to play the guitar is a benefit of having achieved something that you could not before or that seemed complicated to you. This helps a lot to raise your levels of self-esteem and eliminate stress.


This is one of the most outstanding or visible benefits among people since it stimulates the learner or the musician to interact with others.

A  benefit of knowing how to play the guitar is that you can join a band and play in a group, you will attract a little more attention, you will stand out for your talent, and you will attract people. When you are learning, you can do it alone or in a group; It is always better in a group because you know new things more easily.

Also, being more sociable helps you to find a partner a little more quickly and especially if you have a guitar at hand.

You know, let’s not forget how in millions of movies the musician/guitarist takes the pretty girl or the cute boy.

Brain stimulation

Another benefit of learning to play the guitar is the neural stimulations that occur in the brain, increasing our agility and learning abilities.

Playing an instrument like the guitar stimulates different sectors of the brain simultaneously, which allows progress in the development of processing information better and faster; unlike a person who doesn’t play any instrument, scientists have found. When music is studied, memory and retentive capacity are improved.

Increase your confidence

Playing the guitar implies having a better command of the instrument and means that you can play it more fluently. Knowing how to compose and play your song allows you to express yourself freely, and this increases your confidence in yourself.

With the help of the guitar, many people have managed to change their lives, whether it be to get out of a depressive stage or circumstance, to become a more outgoing person.

Guitarists tend to have much more confidence in themselves, especially when playing; Also, this helps even more in the moments of socializing and making decisions.

Benefits to the body of knowing how to play the guitar

As we mentioned before, a benefit of studying guitars is the elimination of high levels of stress, and although this can be seen as something more emotional, it can be associated with physical ailments; which is scientifically proven.

Decrease in pain

Believe it is true. You can decrease the amount of pain a person feels with just the power of music.

It is proven that listening to music helps you relax and focus on playing an instrument that requires attention allows you to disconnect a little more from ailments, mentally evade those negative sensations and feel a little more the relaxing vibrations and sounds of the guitar.

Improves heart health

This is so that you consider even more the impact that music and especially the guitar have on your health. It is proven that many guitarists have better cardiovascular health than many other people who are not involved with music.

This is due to the concentration you have when playing the guitar, focusing on this helps you relax and ends in lowering your blood pressure. Lowering blood pressure helps the heartbeat slower, being a great benefit for the guitarist; Since the more you practice and play, over time, you will condition yourself to be in better health.

Greater auditory and tactile coordination

The better coordination you have with some of the senses is remarkable, mainly the tactile and the auditory. Manual coordination is essential when knowing how to play the guitar, so you will have better control over the actions or tasks you perform with your body.

In the same way, your hearing is unconsciously trained to perceive sounds better and recognize notes more easily. Therefore, we can conclude that increased psychomotor ability is a tremendous advantage for guitar artists.

Do you know how to play the guitar, but you don’t know how to take advantage of it?

We cannot forget the experts and those who already know how to use their guitar with ease, surely you will already know some information, but now I ask you “now what do you know how to play the guitar, do you know how to get even more out of it?”.

Among the main things you have to keep in mind is all of the above, that is, what benefits you in skill, talent and emotionally. Here are some ideas that can bring you more benefits:

Form a band

Surely at some point in your life, it crossed your mind to form a rock band, or if it does not rock, of any other type; The important thing is that in the vast majority a guitarist is always required, so it will surely not be difficult for you to train.

Forming a band, you can have great experiences, from playing for a small audience to a large one, where what matters is that you make yourself heard with your group.

Also, if they are perfect, nothing will prevent them from growing and becoming tremendous or famous, you have to put a lot of dedication. However, there are also possibilities to be independent and well-known, there is nothing wrong, but it is always better when you have a team to lean on.

Give particular classes

A great way to make a living from what you know about guitars is through classes. Whether you give them officially in a music academy or do them on your own, an apprentice will always need a teacher, even at the beginning.

This not only fills your soul when you feel fulfilled to transmit your knowledge, but you can also get some money thanks to it being a good job. Do not forget that you always have to be sure of what is done and taught before starting to teach.

Increase your appeal

Although this seems more like a stereotype, it should not be forgotten that being a guitarist (whether you are a man or a woman) tends to be a bit more attractive to other people. Others tend to associate a guitarist as a person with more extraordinary charisma, a person of commitment (since playing the guitar is not something to be born and now). People associated with music tend to also associate them with intelligence and hard work, attractive characteristics for anyone.

Playing the guitar is often associated with free people who break the rules and go their way, which many people like to see in a potential partner. In addition to the fact that music reaches all areas of the brain, uncontrolled the emotions of the listener.

How knowing how to play the guitar benefits the little ones

We cannot forget the little ones in the house, since they are always the ones who have the most energy and it is essential to know how to divert that energy towards something positive that stimulates them, with which they have fun and learn. That is why we advise you to give your child a guitar and teach them to play, since knowing how to play the guitar can bring MANY advantages and moments like the ones we mention below.

Creativity and fun

If you have a child who is very creative in many activities and would like to include him in music, I recommend that you give him a guitar. Many experts recommend this instrument as it is one of the best to start composing due to its ease of use; This way, you encourage your child not only to learn but also to believe.

By developing his talent, you will realize that he will not only play the songs of his favourite musicians but will create his new ideas in music with greater ease.

Unlike television and video games where the child wastes much of the time on a fun but highly predetermined things, the guitar allows him to have fun interacting with the real world, whether he invents a song himself or decides to play for someone, like his friends. Parents. Unlike other instruments such as drums, the guitar is not very loud, so playing at home will not be a problem.

Memory and concentration

Playing an instrument such as the guitar stimulates all regions of the child’s brain, helping him a lot in his learning while he is in development. As we well know, the youthful stage of children is critical since this is where their knowledge is exploited; Knowing how to play the guitar is an excellent exercise for the mind, it helps to stimulate your memory since you have to remember the position of your fingers and where each note you want is played. Even this can help in math skills.

Knowing how to play the guitar requires concentration at all times, paying attention to the instrument; which will help your child improve their attention and focus more on a subject. This also brings benefits in multitasking coordination since playing the guitar, and you must do different things with each hand.

It is not an easy task, and you need the perseverance to know how to play the guitar so do not give up and if it is your son, support him at all times so that he continues. Since you see, it will not help him to have a life … It will allow him to have a SUPER experience.

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