Everything You Need To Know About Guitar 2020

An instrument known worldwide , used in multiple musical styles and even in the traditional music of different countries. It is the guitar, an immediate reference when you ask about any instrument and especially if you ask for one with strings, but there are many things that this source of melodies hides and we will get to know them here. To cover everything about guitars , it is necessary to go back to the origins of this musical instrument, which go back to the years before Christ.

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A Little History About Guitars

With archaeological evidence that shows that these elements were used in Turkey’s areas, not the guitar itself, but items very similar to it. Other theories hold that the Egyptians began to implement strings to produce sound with artifacts identical in structure to today’s guitar.

On the other hand, some theories link the origins of this instrument with the Arabs after the Muslim conquest, and that the later evolution of the device was based in Spain.

There may be much truth in these theories, but to have a clearer idea of ​​the origins or the history behind this instrument, we go with data closer in time that provides us with greater security. In the Middle Ages, for example, there were already two examples very similar to the guitar, such is the case of the Moorish and the mandolin, so that the strings were already used to produce harmonies and that the mandolin, which is an instrument that follows current, is a reference of the guitar.

At this same time, the guitar was known with only four strings, it was not until the seventeenth century when the fifth string was added, an act that is attributed to the musician Vicente Espinel, a Spanish man, and it was precisely in Spain were the first compositions and much of everything about the guitar that we know today emerged.

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A curious fact to which the characteristic name of the classical or Spanish Guitar is owed is that the French and Italians, seeing that the Guitar with a fifth string was used in Spain, added a new series to theirs. Hence it became known as Spanish Guitar.

While at the beginning of the 18th century, the sixth string was added, a change that was perceived as the most drastic that the instrument had undergone, but from then on, the device’s tuning is standardized. The image is maintained more characteristic of the Guitar.

Likewise, throughout the nineteenth century, the changes added to the Guitar were more in the form of instrumentation or harmonies, since what was done was to reinforce the structures of the Guitar, such as, for example, the reinforcement of the neck, widening the thickness of the fingerboard, applying metal screws in place of the pegs and raising the fret. And although we already know the history, something essential to know everything about the Guitar is to detail its parts.

All Parts Of The Guitar

An essential aspect is to know each of the parts of the Guitar, this provides guidance when learning to play the instrument, as well as allowing the possibility of knowing in detail the functions that each piece performs, knowing what the materials are more suitable for each of them and thus create right criteria when choosing the Guitar that will be the faithful companion of a musician.

Therefore, the Guitar is made up of two main parts: the soundboard and the neck. The first is the widest part of the instrument. In it, you can see the characteristic opening of the Guitar, while the channel is the elongated part where we see the strings pass through their entire length.

All Guitar Materials

Within everything about the guitar that we must know, the materials most used and those of the highest quality are very important, because in a certain way, the type of material used in the construction of the guitar will define its quality, not only as for the sound, but for the durability and finish of it.

In many cases, the guitar is not made only of a single type of wood, but, within its structure, each piece has a particular type of wood, due to the function that this part can fulfill, for example, for the top On the front of the guitar, a more delicate type of wood is usually used than that used on the side walls and the back cover.

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We have the following materials :

  • Front cover
  • Precast wood
  • Cedar
  • Fir tree
  • Pine bench
  • Back cover
  • Precast wood
  • Granadillo
  • Maple
  • Walnut
  • Pink cedar

We especially recommend the following materials :

  • Cedar: A type of lightweight wood with which the neck and other details are usually built
  • Rosewood: A type of wood that allows an exquisite and clean finish is usually used to construct the fingerboard.
  • Ebony: It is a very stable wood that brings beauty to the guitar. It is usually used in the bridge and fingerboard.
  • Basswood: it is a very light wood that provides a noticeable and balanced sound. One of the brands that relied heavily on this type of wood was the Ibanez.
  • Mahogany: this wood is widely used in guitars. Its composition provides a warm and clean sound.

These are just some of the materials most used in the elaboration of guitars to know everything about the guitar; however, manufacturers have risked a little more to experiment with different types of guitars over the years. Wood and even to propose designs with technical wood, all to generate an excellent sound and a suitable weight for greater comfort and handling of the instrument.

All Our Guitar Suggestions

If you are looking for a good guitar, here we give you our recommendations and where you can buy them:

Acoustic guitar for beginners

If you choose to enter this world after getting to know guitars better, this guitar will be ideal for your beginnings. It is an acoustic guitar that comes with a kit of accessories that will allow your music experience to be complete, dynamic, and know everything about the guitar.

Its maple neck and the technical wood fingerboard is made of linden wood, while its bridge is semi-closed chrome with a very classic style and designed in a black color throughout its structure.

This guitar also has an impressive sound quality, with a warm, open, and powerful tone that can delight with the most beautiful melodies. Likewise, the instrument’s weight and dimensions are ideal for musicians who want to start; they are only 3 kg and 102.5 cm high; it is 45.5 cm wide and 12 cm deep.

Made in China, with a striking black color, six metal strings, and accessories such as tuner, run, carry bag, wipes, and picks for more precise notes. Finally, it presents a cutaway and is composed of 21 frets.

Technical details

  • Color black
  • Linden and maple wood materials
  • Cutaway
  • 21 frets
  • Includes accessories
  • Technical wood fingerboard
  • Weight of 3 kg


  • Great for beginners
  • Includes accessories that will make learning complete and easier
  • It is a fairly light model
  • Classic style but
  • Easy to play


  • Learners will need to apply more force in fingering because it is made of metal strings.

All about the Ibanez VC50NJP-NT

Another recommendation for beginners is this Ibanez model, a very classic looking acoustic guitar with a natural color ideal for those more conservative musicians. They love the transparent and metallic sound of an acoustic.

A classic six-string model, made with spruce wood, Sapele, mahogany, and rosewood, undoubtedly a variety of materials that give it a particular style, intense, quality, and resistant colors as well as a sound that meets the expectations of everyone who hears it.

To complete the experience of learning to play or play the instrument as it should, this model comes with a series of accessories such as a strap, tuner, and bag to carry care and confidence.

The weight of this guitar is only 3.75 kg, while its dimensions are 110 cm high X 64 cm wide and 18 cm deep, which corresponds to a size of 4/4; Its strings, just like an acoustic guitar, are made of steel, and its structure maintains the natural color provided by the selection of wood.

Technical details

  • Weight 3.75 kg
  • Size 4/4
  • Natural color
  • Number of strings six
  • Materials of spruce, mahogany, sapele and rosewood


  • Presents an average weight
  • Includes accessories such as carrying bag, tuner and strap
  • Selection of woods that provide quality and durability
  • Excelent sound


  • Very classic look for those looking for something more innovative
  • Difficult to handle pegs

Epiphone DR-100 Guitar – Everything You Need to Know

And if it is about style and what you are looking for is a more innovative one, this particular Epiphone model is quite a peculiar one. It is an acoustic guitar model that presents a vintage style, in two colors, a black color that extends around the entire contour of its structure and a lighter brown tone located right in the middle part of the guitar’s body. Right after the mouth.

It is made with spruce wood, which provides durability and resistance and provides an excellent sound characteristic of acoustic guitars; the fret is made with rosewood.

Although almost everything about this guitar responds to a full black color, small details such as the pegs in silver, the strings in gold, and the sign that identifies the Epiphone brand in white inside the guitar’s body give you some excellent points Attention. Finally, this model has a full weight of only 3.36 kg, and its dimensions are 106.7 X 47 X 14 cm.

Technical details

  • Number of strings six
  • Black and brown color
  • Vintage style
  • Spruce and rosewood materials
  • Weight 3.36 kg


  • Ideal model for beginners or expert musicians
  • Different and innovative vintage style
  • Low weight
  • Easy to play


  • Does not include accessories

The Gibson LG-2 American Eagle Guitar 

For those musicians, a little more experienced, we present an option that, according to its characteristics, responds to the demands that anyone may have regarding the technical details of a guitar.

Let’s start by mentioning the materials with which this jewel is made, an essential aspect. In a certain way, the resonance that the instrument expands is due to the materials. Its front part is made of Sitka spruce wood, while its sidewalls and back are made of mahogany and the neck. In the fingerboard case, this one is from Rosewood and features some inlays made of mother of pearl. Everything about this particular guitar responds to high-quality materials.

Its weight is 8.36 kg, and its dimensions correspond to a size of 4/4, being then 118 cm high X 45.7 wide and 20.3 deep.

Finally, this Gibson model is six strings. Its color corresponds to a natural antique. This makes the model of high quality and maintains a classic and conservative style, ideal for folk and blues music.

Technical details

  • Country of origin USA
  • Weight 8.36 kg
  • Natural Antique color
  • Spruce and mahogany wood materials
  • Fingerboard with mother of pearl inlays
  • Number of strings six


  • Excellent quality
  • Clear, wide and deep sound
  • Natural color
  • Variety of materials in the elaboration
  • Apply is mother of pearl


  • Can be a bit heavy and large for beginners

Ibanez – All about the George Bensoninkl Guitar

We have presented models that maintain a classic style and others with a vintage style that makes them unique. This time, this Ibanez model is, without a doubt impressive, its kind is between vintage and rock.

The cutaway and the particular shape of its pegs and tuners make it more rocker, but its color, style, and applications go more to the vintage style, so we cannot define the line that follows well. But, if we are sure of something, everything about this guitar is original and has a strong and harmonic potential.

The number of strings is six. It is made of ebony wood and a model from China. Its weight is much higher than what is expected from this country; this jewel has 10.2 kg.

Technical details

  • Weight of 10 kg
  • Country of origin China
  • Number of strings six
  • Made of ebony wood
  • Variety of colors with a predominance of black, gold and white
  • Vintage style


  • Original model
  • Vintage style
  • Sound quality
  • Made with ebony wood
  • Excelent sound


  • It can be a bit heavy
  • Does not include accessories

Gibson LPNSTDEBCH1 Electric Guitar

Guitars can be classical or Spanishacoustic or electric. So far, we have presented acoustic guitars because they are usually the most versatile and irresistible. Still, electric guitars are generally of great importance, especially for musical genres such as rock or metal.

This model indicated that everything about the guitar is made with a maple top type AAA. The sidewalls and the back by its side are made of mahogany, the fingerboard made of rosewood with a single piece of traditional inlays.

This Gibson brand model is available in three different black and blue presentations, which keep the same expression, including a pickguard on one side of the pickups, and a red model that comes without a pickguard.

This piece presents the most used electric guitars, but it does not renounce to include technological elements that improve their performance. This is how this model has two Burstbuker Pro pickers and a Baked Maple fingerboard, keeping its only six strings.

And although it comes equipped with pickups, Jack input, and other specifications, its total weight does not reach 10 kg, while its dimensions are 118 X 45 X 20 cm, which responds to the standard measurements of an adult guitar.

Technical details

  • Exact weight 9.07 kg
  • Electric guitar
  • Available in three colors, black, blue and red
  • Materials such as maple, mahogany, and rosewood
  • Number of strings six
  • country of origin USA


  • Hi-tech electric guitar
  • Good sound
  • Variety of materials for its elaboration includes two tablets
  • Two Burstbuker Pro photocaptors


  • Does not include accessories such as amplifier, tuner or picks

All about the Washburn N4 Vintage Guitar

A different option within the electric guitars that have been presented so far is this Washburh that responds to a very particular style with cutaway and highly metallic colors. With a body whose color is between gold and brown, the neck in black color, the chrome-plated headstock in gold, and the tuning pegs in silver, a design with very own and original paints.

Its presentation style is very vintage and is made of ebony wood, a quality material that provides a good finish. It is also an electric style that responds to six strings and has Bill Lawrence L 500 pickups for the bridge and Seymour Duncan 59 for the neck.

Remember that the guitar pickups transmit the electromagnetic waves produced by the strings, hence their unique importance. Finally, this electric guitar’s weight is 10.3 kg, and its dimensions are around 113 cm high, 44.4 wide, and 18 cm deep.

Technical details

  • Electrical
  • Vintage style and color
  • Includes cover
  • Number of strings six
  • Transmission pads


  • Vintage style originality
  • Quality materials
  • Good sound
  • Includes cover


  • It can be a bit heavy

All Types Of Guitar

Within the entire universe on the guitar, we must know the different types of guitars in which they differ and what musical style they are usually applied because this largely determines what kind of guitar we want to play.

There are three more general distinctions within everything related to the guitar, but with time within each of them, variations have been generated that have mutated new models of guitars.

Classical guitar

It is known as the first model named adequately as a guitar, from which other types of the guitar have emerged.

It is very similar to acoustic guitars, but this particular model uses nylon strings, which characterizes it for having a more profound and lower sound.

Among the variations that have been made is the flamenco guitar, whose variations range from the elaboration of a slightly wider body, with strings a little closer to the fingerboard and a more percussive sound.

Likewise, these types of guitars are used more regularly in flamenco, jazz, and tango.

Acoustic guitar

On the other hand, acoustic guitars are made with metal strings, which produces a more metallic, clear, and sharp sound, where this particular type of sound is mostly used in Blues music.

The acoustic guitars were an innovation in classical guitars; strings them changed, they began using new wood, and cut cutaway was applied.

To better understand the differences behind these two types of guitar, we invite you to see this comparison.

Electric guitar

They respond to a different shape and function. Although their strings are usually also made of metal, their sound is very different. In terms of structure, this type of guitar has the application of so-called pickups that transmit the electromagnetic waves that reproduce the sound through the amplifier.

all about the types of guitar

A variant that arose from acoustic guitars’ technology, but that maintains acoustic guitars’ characteristic sound, is Electroacoustics. This version supports the sound of acoustic guitars but has the advantage of being able to amplify the sound and give it greater reach.

All Our Guitar String Suggestions

Everything about the guitar world is exciting. The types of guitar give a broader view of everything that this instrument implies, but as one of the main differences is the type of strings used in each model, there are some suggestions inside guitar strings.

Gibson Masterbuilt Premium Guitar Strings

Everything about the guitar includes an element that will undoubtedly be necessary at some point: the strings. As we have seen, these vary significantly in gauge and material, as these details can produce a specific sound characteristic.

In this case, just as the Gibson brand is one of the best in the guitar market, it is also offering spare strings for its products and allowing the quality of its lines to be used in other instruments. For this reason, a model of strings for acoustic guitars made of phosphor bronze is presented here.

There are six strings with a medium gauge ranging from .012 on the first string to .053, so this particular string model requires greater force for fingerboard fingering, but this is rewarded with strong and durable lines. Long-lasting.

Between the gauge and the phosphor-coated that their materials present, they make them quite durable; remember that phosphorus is a barrier that prevents metal corrosiondamage from tearing, and deterioration caused by sweat and the environment in which the instrument is located.

Finally, with these strings, a deep, healthy, and clear sound can be produced given the materials and caliber. Likewise, the weight of the packaging is 18 gr, while the dimensions are 2.5X2.5X2.5 cm.

Technical details

  • Number of strings six
  • Phosphor coated steel material
  • Medium gauge from .012 to .053
  • Weight and packaging dimensions of 18 gr and 2.5X2.5X2.5 CM


  • Useful in acoustic guitars of all brands
  • They keep the tuning
  • Excelent sound
  • Coated steel


  • High caliber for beginners

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