The guitar, your best medicine

Have you ever wondered why guitarists seem so relaxed on stage? Some even seem immortal, like Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. Could it be that they are made of another paste? In this article, we will reveal their secret. Discover how a guitar can stimulate your gray matter, end your stress, or even increase your sex appeal!

The guitar has always caused fascination. It is the ideal companion to interpret our compositions or those of our favorite artists. There is no age to touch it; the important thing is to want to learn. It is an instrument that allows you to explore a large number of musical styles: blues, rock, pop, reggae, funk, punk … even classical music! It would help if you chose the right guitar.

Some do it on their own, but if you are worried that your family and neighbors will get on top of you when listening to your first improvisations, we recommend that you learn the basics of this instrument through guitar lessons. It doesn’t matter if they are classes online, at a music school, or with a teacher; what counts is that the teaching method corresponds to your needs. Once you have acquired the first basics of the guitar, you will discover, with great enjoyment, that you can begin to play a large number of songs.

Beyond the pleasure of playing musical pieces, playing the guitar has many other benefits, especially in well-being and health.

The guitar brings happiness

In the essence of music is the pleasure it provides us and, in this, the practice of the guitar is no exception. According to a study by McGill University in Montreal (Canada), listening to and playing the guitar releases well-being hormones, including the famous dopamine, or, as it is commonly called, the happiness hormone.


Also according to this study, and oddly enough, music triggers in our brain the same chemical process that occurs when we experience sexual pleasure.

If playing the guitar makes your brain secrete dopamine, every time you get into it, it will make your day. Arguably, the more you practice, the happier you’ll feel!

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Playing the guitar takes stress away

We all have days when we are high and, whether in our personal or professional environment, we experience moments of great tension. Between the boss who puts you in a bad mood, bills that arrive at the worst time, traffic jams, bad weather, a meeting that you don’t feel like … There are a thousand and one situations that generate stress throughout the day.


Luckily, once you pick up your Gibson or Telecaster, plug it into the amp, and stroke the first few strings, it will seem like everything disappears in the blink of an eye. If you also have some accessories (such as a pick, a nut, and a metronome), you can get the most out of your guitar. Whether in class with a teacher or playing alone in your room, the effect is the same: absolute relaxation.

This is not just us saying: many studies have proven that stress levels are significantly reduced when playing an instrument and that listening to music increases our defenses.

The guitar is right for your health! 馃檪

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The guitar drives away the pain.

If you have chronic ailments or suffer from any suffering, whether physical or psychological, learning to play the guitar and listen to music will allow you to disconnect and considerably reduce pain.


When you stop focusing on the pain and focus on the notes, vibrations, and musical atmosphere, you allow your body to relax and your mind to wander.

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The guitar stimulates brain activity

Recently, a Scottish study has shown that if you play the guitar – or any other instrument – you have a good chance of improving your brain functions.


This is great news if you think about fighting mental degeneration in the medium and long term. Don’t take any more pills to stimulate your brain activity: take guitar lessons , print tablatures, work the scales, learn them and play them; your brain will thank you.

Playing the guitar strengthens the heart

Did you know that rockers have a bomb-proof cardiovascular system? Well yes: people who practice a musical activity such as playing the guitar for at least 100 minutes a day experience a significant drop in blood pressure and heart rate .

When the guitar absorbs you and you get carried away by the music, your blood pressure goes down, and that makes you feel more relaxed.

Playing an instrument has a real impact on health , especially in older people, as it helps the heart beat slower, so that stress, anxiety and depression decrease .

On the other hand, if your guitar lessons teach you to sing while you play, you will work on your lung capacity .

The guitar increases self-confidence

The guitar is an excellent escape route. Creating your own music allows you to express yourself fully, transmit to the world who you are and what your emotions are, or even spread a message or ideas.


By expressing yourself openly and without any censorship through the guitar, you can release a strong emotional charge, which will increase your self-confidence.

Singing a song or playing a piece of music may seem easy to some, but composing a melody is a personal challenge, and as soon as you do it, you will have gained confidence. You will know that you are capable of creating something unique.

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Playing the guitar improves creativity and concentration

The more you practice on the guitar, the more information your brain accumulates. Once you have acquired the basics (the main chords, the handling of the pick and the position of the fingers depending on the notes), you will realize that you want to learn more and more.


When you have assimilated the technique, you will be able to access the creative part of the instrument. Guitarists invest so much in their music that their entire environment becomes a pretext to compose or make changes to their compositions. What better way to enhance creativity than expressing your feelings with music?

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The guitar increases the power of seduction

It seems that the clich茅 that guitarists flirt more is not a simple stereotype. Although female guitarists also arouse passions, studies that link music and seduction have focused more on the case of men.

Some psychological studies have shown that women tend to associate musical ability with intelligence, but also with commitment, hard work, and good physical shape .


The appeal of those who play the guitar could be explained in many ways:

  • Guitarists give the impression of being more creative and charismatic.
  • Guitar music reaches practically every area of 鈥嬧媡he brain, and the emotions it generates create structures in our primitive brain. In short: the sound of the guitar comes into contact with our most basic emotions, and it is impossible to control them.
  • Guitarists have that “something” transgressive. Playing the guitar is sometimes associated with being free, breaking social rules, and going your own way.

We can conclude that the guitar is the best medicine against boredom and depression, thanks to the fact that it brings us many physical and mental benefits . Take your daily dose of the hormone of happiness from the hand of your guitar!

Learning to Play the Guitar: A Weapon of Mass Seduction?

Where does this legend of seduction on the guitar come from? Have men invented it or is it true that you can succeed with girls by learning to play the guitar?

Well, we must admit that there is some truth in her: for decades, many men have seduced their girls with the guitar.

Seduce with the guitar

Learning to play the guitar to seduce: a false good idea?

Some guitarists prefer Jimmy Page, others Julio Iglesias

Taking into account the previous comments, we can draw some conclusions.

Some women like the “image of the guitarist,” mostly if he plays an instrument and sings to accompany it.

Of course, women like your inner artist, your creative side. Also, your ability to work and learn to play the guitar after so many hours of classes says a lot about you: it shows that you are passionate about music, that you do not give up, and that you are willing to commit to your guitar teacher to learn to touch.

The passion and sincere love you feel for music will eventually seduce your audience, while a fake guitarist will be caught quickly.

However, many guitarists take classes to flirt. And why not? There is nothing wrong with that as long as you develop a real passion for music during your guitar lessons. Otherwise, you will look like an impostor with a guitar.

That passion you develop for music will allow you to write your songs and compose your music in the future. Also, music requires perseverance, work, and perseverance, so don’t be lazy.

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Some tips for seducing playing the guitar

Our main advice is not to “cheat” your audience, but to embrace the music, marry the guitar and be a real guitarist.

Try a guitar riff from Smoke on the Water – it‘s one of the most challenging musical moments in rock history, and we owe it to a single from Deep Purple.

Our second tip is to wait until you have a reasonably acceptable level for playing in public. Don’t make a fool of yourself by singing Cinco Lobitos or Matarile-Lire-Ron children’s songs 

Spend time with your teacher to learn the basics: guitar chords, rhythm, guitar tuning, arpeggios, closed chords, knowledge of music theory, learning to read sheet music or tablature, etc. Get acquainted with the best guitarists and performers, from Bob Dylan to Joan Baez to Nick Drake …

Without forgetting the different musical styles: folk, traditional music, musical comedy, classical music, etc.

Remember that there are many more musicians than Mozart in the history of music. You will have to test hundreds of horizons before creating your repertoire.

It would also be advisable to start learning with an acoustic guitar and not an electric one. So the Stratocaster will have to wait at first.

For what reason? Electric guitar requires equipment: mediator, amplifier, chromatic tuner, and even an acoustic bass …

We are all fascinated by the powerful sound of an electric guitar, but you won’t always have the opportunity to take the gear with you. So it might be better to start with an acoustic guitar. However, check with your future guitar teacher, who will be able to advise you as well. The acoustic guitar may sound less fun, but rest assured that it will also prevent you from breaking the eardrums of the woman you want to seduce.

In any case, it is better to start with the acoustic guitar. Also, in your guitar lessons, surely your guitar teacher will opt for this instrument.